Research Interest


Refereed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

  1. Kumar, R. (2017). Book review of “Canadian universities in China's Transformation: An untold story” by R. Hayhoe, J. Pan, and Q. Zha (Editors) in Candian Journal of Higher Education.
  2. Kumar, R. (2006). Book review of “Informatics Curricula and Teaching” by Lillian Cassel and Ricardo A. Reis (Editors) in Education and Information Technologies.
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Commissioned Publications

  1. Kumar, R. (2002). "Professing education online" Professing Education 1(1), 13-15.

Other Writings

Other than various reports written, there also exists my Master of Education exit project, that won the Masters award from CASEA. It is available here.


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