M.Ed. Exit Document

M.Ed. thesis that won the CASEA Masters Award

In 2004, I managed to finish my long overdue M.Ed. work. Enclosed is the complete document. I was lucky enough and fortunate enough to have won the Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA) Master's Award of 2005. Although the thesis had served its purpose in getting me into the Ph.D. program, I was deeply honoured and for this, I want to thank my supervisor Dr. Coral Mitchell, and the Faculty of Education, Brock University, for providing all the necessary encoragement and provisions for getting this work done. Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir, who was the then dean, provided the time and space for me to complete the work. I thank him for the same.
Thanks are also in order to the selection committee for the tremendous honour and to CASEA for providing such a forum where new scholars can showcase their work. I thank everyone involved in the work from the beginning to the end.

Details of the work

Title: Conceptual Analysis of Margaret Walker's System of Ethics
Abstract: Abstract
Dedication and Acknowledgement: Dedication and Acknowledgement Sections of the document
Full Document: Kumar-2005.pdf
Date of completeion: June, 2004 From: Faculty of Education Brock University

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