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Research Interest

Research Interests

I have tried to keep active in many fields for academic and personal research. With that caveat, there is an undeniable theme in my work - it has been to investigate effect of various ideas, practices, and attitudes in education.

Of late, and perhaps because of my formal educational focus, I have taken on investigating influences exerted on and by educational policies on various educational practices. The primary concern in these investigations is the role of ethics in all such interactions. For my doctoral research, my focus is to investigate the role of the professoriate in the contemporary universities and the ongoing availability of academic freedom.

Based on my work, I have been given the label of policy ethicist. This is different from and distict from the role of a policy analyst, in that ethical components feature more prominently in policy ethicist way of analyzing, forming, implementing policies.

With that said, if I were to list a more detailed list of areas where I have conducted research, they would be:

  • Policy Development and Analysis
  • Decision making process
  • Ethics in Educational Administration
  • Foundations of Education
  • History of Education
  • Technology and Higher Education
  • Higher Education Trends
  • History of Computing in Education
And the list continues to grow list... That is a good thing I suppose. The breadth of topics covered in my list of publications, attest to this claim.


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