"Schools are places that are imbued with meaning - both shared and private. They act as conduits of ideas and practices within which cultural knowledge, norms, values, attitudes, and skills are passed from one generation to the next...To study the role of place in education is to study the institutional bridge that ensures our cultural continuance, that connects one adult generation to the next."

- from A Natural History of Place in Education


David Hutchison, PhD is Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities, Brock University where he is also cross-appointed to the Department of Teacher Education.

David is the author of six books that focus on education and teaching. His research has been profiled by Canada’s leading TV, radio, and newspaper media.

In 2013, David was recipient of the Brock University Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 2015, he was awarded the Brock University Chancellor’s Chair for Teaching Excellence.