Shave your Head

Okay folks, you know you want to do it... so come on do it. I will help you with your decision and the process:



Okay, now that you have made your decision, and hopefully, it was to get that new look, let me give you some tips.

First thing that you need to know is that having head is very different from shaving your face (or any other bodily hair). It is not hard, just a matter of getting used to. Before you venture into the act, you may need to go to the local drug store to get the following items:


Okay, as I mentioned under the advantaged section, it is best that the first time you get your head shaved by a barber. Before showing up to your regular barber, call ahead and ask if they shave heads... not all barbers do, for legal and sanitary reasons. The following will work thereafter.
  1. First and foremost, wet your hair with warm water. This is very important if you intend to get a smooth close shave without afterburn and irritation.
  2. Wet the towel that you have and wrap it around your head... this will help the base of hair to be throughly wet and soften the base of your hair.
  3. Apply generous amounts of shaving gel and work it deeply - so that you can feel the lubricant next to your scalp.
  4. Use sharp wet blade and shave. Now here comes the personal preference: Some people prefer to go With the grain... in that case, you want to start from the top (centre) of the head. I, on the other hand, prefer to shave against the grain of the hair (to get a closer and smoother shave) and in the latter case, start at the forehead and go backward... till the top of the head.
  5. Clean the razor after every time you lift off the surface.
  6. Repeat the last two steps until the front side of the head is all shaved off. If there are isolated spots left, do not worry, they will be taken care off as in later steps.
  7. Now hold the shaving mirror in your left hand (if you are right handed) at an angle bind your back so that you can clearly see the reflection in the mirror in front of you. This will avoid knicks and cuts and make for a cleaner job.
  8. Very carefully, using the hand with razor in it, using slow deliberate movement, shave either with or against the grain. (I prefer against the grain, so I start at the base of the neck and go upward toward the top of the head).
  9. As always, clean the razor after every stroke.
  10. Repeat last two steps until the back is done
  11. At this point you are almost done - but not quite
  12. Throughly wash off your head - in this process you will discover the spots that you missed and/or presence of course hair that are not quite visible but still there nonetheless.
  13. Apply the shaving gel again, with specific emphasis to the spots that you discovered in the last step and using the shaving technique described above, clean up the spots.
  14. Voila! You are Done!
A final note: If you intent to shave your own head, never let it grow over 1/4 inch in length. If you neglect this precaution, you will discover that it is hard to accomplish the objective (clean close smooth shave) and the technique described above does not work very well.
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