Software Development

David is the owner and lead developer at Lakewood Studios, a Macintosh software developer that publishes database products for personal, educational, and business use.

In addition to Lakewood Studios' current tools - iList Data and iList Studio - David has developed and published three other software titles for Mac users.

AG Author, an Apple Guide help authoring tool, was published between 1995 and 1998. (The product was discontinued when Apple Computer dropped its support for Apple Guide.) MacTech Magazine reviewed the product in 1997.

In 1996, webAlias was released. For several months, it was the only dedicated commercial tool for building image maps on the Mac. (Then along came Adobe ImageReady and Macromedia FireWorks and the rest is history...) Macworld Magazine published a favourable review of the product (no longer available online) in 1998.

In 1997, QT Gallery was released. It was perhaps the first multimedia tool to take advantage of the new transition and filter effects built into QuickTime 4.

Today, the iList database family of products is the focus of Lakewood Studio's development efforts and there are ambitious plans to enhance the product line in the coming years.

Software Reviews

David is an occasional contributing reviewer for MacDirectory Magazine. David's reviews (in reverse chronological order) include:

Synthology Ivory 1.5
Emagic Logic 6.2
Apple DVD Studio Pro 3.0
MOTU MachFive 1.0
U&I Software Artmatic Voyager 1.0
Vienna Symphony Orchestra (4 part review)
3rd Party Apple Loops Roundup
Roxio Toast with Jam
DAZ Series Models for Poser
U&I Software VTrack 1.0
Apple Final Cut Pro 2.0
Apple DVD Studio Pro 1.0

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iList Studio