Life on the Academic Periphery: Multiple Stories of Identity, Participation, and Belonging
What does it mean to “belong” in or to the academy? How do academic newcomers, or any academics for that matter, characterize their participation in the academy?  How do individuals present identities as academics?  How do disappointments and conflicts within an institution influence self-perceptions of marginalization or peripherality?

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Project Researchers (left to right): Nancy Fenton, Dr. Carmen Shields, Dr. Michael E. Manley-Casimir, Annabelle L. Grundy, and Dr. Michelle K. McGinn.

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  Dr. Michelle K. McGinn

   Dr. Michael E. Manley-Casimir

  Dr. Carmen Shields

  Nancy Fenton

   Annabelle L. Grundy


  SSHRC grant summary

  SSHRC grant application

  Principles of Collaboration...

  AERA 2003 paper

  CSSE 2003 presentation

  Brock Research article (see p. 2)

  Graduate Grind book review

  AERA 2004 paper

  CSSE 2004 paper proposal

  QAC 2004 paper


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